Angelfire Tutorial

Here is a simple tutorial I have made up to help you create an Angelfire Homepage!

First, you have to sign up for an account. To do this hit your "GOTO" button and type in angelfire. This will bring you to their home. You will see 2 yellow boxes, one says "sign up" the other says "log in". Click on the "Sign up" button and register your account!

Now you are ready to start your site!

You first have to make a page named index.html. So click on the index html in you webshell page.
You will now see a page that shows you 2 ways to make your page....BASIC or ADVANCED!
I am not too familiar with BASIC page builder. And to be honest with you, if you want to make a page its best to use the ADVANCED are free to made anything you want in there. Basic is far too limited. I will add on how to make a basic page, but i need to refresh my memory before I can help you there.
So, for on the "advanced" method...then click on submit!

Now you will come to a page with a big blank box...this is where your html codes go!
A webpage is made of a few simple html tags....

  • html
  • head
  • title
  • /title
  • /head
  • body
  • /body
  • /html

    Put your cursor in the upper left hand corner and type in (html) (i am using parenthasis ( ) instead of brackets < > because if I use brackets you wont be able to see what i am saying.....brackets make your codes "invisible"!)
    Next we need to make a head and title...which we see in the "status bar" and the title of the page we see if we put something in our "favorites".
    So we put (head)(title)Your Pages Subject Here (/title)(/head).

    Next is your body of the page.
    So we start with the pages background and text. (body background="url here" bgcolor="color here" text="color")
    To see how this look....scroll down the page and look for the word "PREVIEW", and click that on. (Be careful doing this....because what you have done so not saved yet). Now click on your back button, to continue with your page!

    PLEASE NOTE... I must add save your MUST click on the "SAVE" button below!!!

    Now you can add the context of your page...which may include...text, images, music....which all go in the "BODY" of your page.
    Tags for an image is
    (img src="url")
    music tags are
    (bgsound src="music url")
    To CENTER an image or text we do this
    (center)(img src="url")(/center)
    (img src="URL" align="left") for left side images
    (img src="URL" align="right") for right side images.

    With ANY and ALL html tags.....we need to close them! So we end our page with (/body)(/html)

    Please please make sure...if you are done editing, you click on "SAVE" before you leave! Or you will be bumming when you return to edit and there is nothing there!

    If you want to go back to edit more later on....
    You need to do this...

    "GOTO" angelfire, then login...
    type in your accts name...
    for example.../ma/sxylady
    then your password... XXXXXXX
    And click on "SUBMIT"!
    You will be in your angelfire webshell now!
    This is where you can go VIEW or EDIT your index.html,
    or create a new page! So look around here an get familiar with everything!
    To EDIT, You first need to click on the page you want to work on and then click on EDIT to bring you too your editing page.
    To view the page, click on the pages html, then click on view!

    To create a NEW page..
    go to the blank line and type in a new page title...for example, fkeys.html and click on "CREATE". You will now choose "ADVANCED" and off you go making a new page!

    This is a very basic, introduction to page building! To learn more about Creating a webpage...
    Here are 2 pages to help you more!

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    Or this page..

    00HelpAtWebTv's HTML's for Beginners!

    For a complete list of our tutorials...
    click here!

    Have Fun!!!