Welcome to the 00HELP Tool Shed. We have a wide selection of tools here for you to use. We have several Transloaders, Uploaders, and Freeloaders. Take your pick. We also have several search engines to help you find anything on the WWW. And an even wider selection of tool sites to help you extract HTML,Images, URL's and much more. Need to find a free email account? We have links to those as well as Logins for each site. And among the many toys we also have a color cube, a colorizer and a hex coder! So come on in and have some fun with all the great tools. :-)

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View HTML with Filedex

View Images with Imagiware

Domania Source Viewer/Url Extractor

All links
Plain text

Make The Backgrounds Of
GIF Images Transparent

This Will Not Work On JPG Files,
And This Service Is Not Available
From Noon To 6:00 P.M. EST

View WebTV Pagebuilder Html Codes

Type text to colorize:
Pick color to start with
Font Size:font face:

Mimes UpLoader

Transload with Star

FileDex UpLoader
Enter the complete URL of the file you want

Filename :
Username :
Password :

e-mail :
Enter your e-mail:(this information is not logged in any way. It is only used to send you a confirmation when the proccess in completed. You can leave it blank but if it does not work you will not know why.

File transfer at Filamorgan.com< /a>
Source URL
Target FTP server
Transfer type Binary
Edit before upload
Rename filename to (Optional)
Upload Directory (Optional)

Transload File

FTP Host
FTP UserName
FTP Password

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If you find a link or tool on this page that does not work, let us know so we can correct the problem. Thank you!

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