Form Letters

Welcome Notes For new members. This is to be sent too ALL new members.

Pending Members Send to pendings after 48 hours.

Members Letter About posting off topic. We will send this out if there is too much off topic stuff

Members Letter Get list members to ask ??'s on list.

Sig Site Reminder for sig site. We should sent this out twice a week.

Award Letters A nonmembers letter and a members letter. We have both on this page.

Nomination Notes One for nominated sites, and nomination reminder for list.

URL Reminder Notes Reminder to put URL in body. (also a thank you note)

Tutorials List of all tutorials that have been done on the list

Weekly CodeForm letter to send out weekly code

Trivia Trivia notes and automailer

Webring To remind members of our webring

Graphics Storage Reminder for graphics site

00Help Newsgroup 00Help NG reminder

00Help NG Rules Post in 00Help NG

Newsgroups Invite to post in other NG's.

Birthday Notes Birthday reminer note, and note to send to member.

Current Polls Reminder to vote in current Polls

Email Contest Reminder for email contest

00Help Automailer Automailer for newsletter. We also have a newsletter that can be added too on here

Account Info

TribeFanz Site: TribeFanz/cleveland

Trivia Site: wvsable/flash

Sig Site: helpsigs/palmtree

Webring Management: 00helpmembers/snoopy

Dencity :

Mirror Site:

List Duties

if your name is in parenthesis, you are just a back up for that task.

Welcome Message - Michele

Banner Exchange - Wanda

Webring -

Sig Site - Michele

Tips -

Codes -

Graphics Site @

Members Pages - Wanda

Nominations - Michele (Dorane)

Advice Page -

Tutorials - All of us

Newsletter -

Birthdays -

Polls - All Of Us

Post Invite in NG's - Everyone

Automailers -

Mod page -

Main page -

Members Awards -

NonMembers Awards -

Newsgroup - Wanda

Reminder Letters - Wanda & Michele

All (afternoon)

Mon - tutorials1 reminder

Tue - newsgroup reminder

Wed - Webring reminder

Thu - tutorials2 reminder

All (Morning)

Thu - sig site reminder

Fri - Graphics reminder

Sat - Polls reminder

Sun - tutorials3 reminder


Monday - Wanda/Geography/Morning

Tuesday - Wanda/Sports/Morning

Wednesday - Michele/History/Morning

Thurdsay - Same as Monday

Friday - Same as Tuesday

Saturday - Same as Wednesday

Nominations & Voting

List Members who vote with us:

*Nominations are sent to Michele
*Michele puts them on the webpage
*Michele will verify email addy
*If addy not valid, Michele will remove it.
*Friday nights, Michele sends out the reminder to vote
*Sat night, all votes to Michele, by 8 PM
*Sunday morning award is sent out and posted to list.


00Help Website

00Help Newsgroup

Signature site form

Members form

Invite Page

Nominated Sites

Service Award

Service Award

NonMembers Award

Members Award

Email Contest Newsgroup