Thank you for showing interest in joining the OOHELP Webring. This Webring was set to bring together all our members websites. We have several rules. They are as follows:

*No Pornographic or adult Websites.

*Must be a member of 00HELP mailing list at egroups.com.

*Must have the HTML Fragment installed on your respective websites.

If you wish to join our ring then please go HERE to submit your site, if you havent already done so.

Once you submit your site, you will be returned to this page, to choose the WEBRING PANEL you would like on your site.

Then just grab the HTML fragment from the panel of your choice, and place it on the web page you submitted to the ring.

Once you have the codes on your page, you will need to edit it in 3 different places.

*Where you see the 4 XXXX, type in your site id #, which was given to you after you submitted your site. You will also recieve an email, if you haven't already, with this #

*Where you see putyouremailaddyhere, type in your email address.

*Where you see putyournamehere, type in your name.

You will not see your site in the ring, until you have been approved.

When you have the HTML fragment on your web page, please EMAIL US, and let us know.

You will be notified by email, when you are approved.

~~~When you apply to the 00HELP Webring and and if you are not a member of our mailing list you will be automatically subscribed to 00HELP@egroups.com. By joining the 00HELP Webring, you are giving your permission to be added to this list~~~

Thank you for joining the 00HELP Webring! If you have any questions or problems, feel free to email us.